Which material were able to magnetise?


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    Sponge Curtain


    Fork Basin

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    I have seen a goose grazing over the pond. saan dito ang plural

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    because the swimsuit are able to water

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    When a solid material bends it breaks

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    heat will absorb water

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    Materials that absorb water, including cotton, washcloths, fabric, tissue, and paper towels

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    Sponge and Curtain can absorb water.

    While basin and fork cannot.

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    Transport of pebbles in a stream causes them to collide and rub against one another and the stream bed, and the resulting abrasion produces the familiar smooth and rounded shape of river rocks.

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    We can say that absorption is when something takes in another substance. Materials that absorb water include; sponge, napkin, paper towel, face cloth, sock, paper, cotton balls.

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Which material were able to magnetise?...