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Then there was sound activity 4-science 10 answer


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    In science 10, Unit 2, Module 2, activity 4, the title of the activity is "Then there was sound. The objective of this activity is to describe how radio waves are generated, transmitted, and received and to name the parts of the radio transmitter and receiver and give the  functions of each part.

    Here is the question presented in the activity:

    Q8. What common problems could arise during transmission and reception of

    radio waves? Explain the possible cause/s of those problems.

    Radio waves may interfere with other signals. This makes transmission  and reception difficult.

    kindly visit the link provided below for more information:

    Hope it helps=)

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    34 students like math

    60 students like science

    15 students like both math and science

    13 students do not like math and science

    Make a venn diagram using the data below

A survey regarding students preference between math and s
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    31. a.


    33. c.

    34. a. 50 x 3/5

    35. b. 30 items

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    science is study about your daily life

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    the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

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    The similarities between natural science and social science are which they are both observing specific phenomena.

    Differences: Natural Science: Natural science is a branch of science that deals with the physical world. Social Science: Social science is the study of human society and social relationships

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Then there was sound activity 4-science 10 answer...