The given atoms are unstable except?


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    1. dependent: jigsaw puzzle

    independent: time

    controlled: students

    2. dependent: no. of paper clips the electromagnet can pick up

    independent: battery

    controlled: electromagnetic system

    3. dependent: egg

    independent: temperature

    conttolled: boiling period of water

    4. dependent: temperature

    independent: depths of a pond

    controlled: none

    *not sure po sa ibang answers

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    1. 2px2. : 1s²2s²2px¹2py¹
    2. 3d1¹ 3d2¹ : 1s²2s²2px²2py²2pz²3s²3px²3py²3pz² 4s²
    3. 4s1 : 1s²2s²2px²2py²2pz²3s²3px²3py²3pz¹

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    Unlikely that it will happen, but there's a chance.
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    Hindi kasi lulunukin lang naman eh
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The given atoms are unstable except?...