What does the plastic panel represent?


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    In the activity entitled TSUNAMI, the plastic panel which pushes the water in the basin represent the energy of wave brought by tsunami. Tsunami mostly caused by underwater earthquake.

    Tremendous amount of energy will be released during earthquake which causes shaking of the ground. When earthquake originate underwater, it would generate tsunami which causes most of the damage along coastal areas.

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    1) The sudden push of the plastic panel produced a wave on the surface of the water.

    2) Assuming that the upper part of the rock was completely dry before the experiment started, the wave created by the panel’s movement will reach above the water level and get the upper part of the rock wet, depending on the force exerted by the conductor.  

    3) The water in this experiment represents the ocean, most likely the Pacific since it is home to the ring of fire which regularly produces earthquakes on both sides of the ocean. Example: A strong earthquake that occurs on the coast of Chile can produce a wave that is able to reach the eastern coast of Japan, and has happened before.

    4) The plastic panel stands for the origin of the earthquake.  

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What does the plastic panel represent?...