Give the historical antecedent


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    an example of ethics in communication tgat is violated by speaker is unresponsible

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    ano naisp mo


    you can answer it your self

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    1.)independence hall-philadelphia

    2.)The alamo-san antonia texas

    3.)The statue of liberty-New york

    4.)Acoma pueblo-New Mexico

    5.)yellow national park-Wyoming

    6.)Jamestown Settlement-Jamestown, virginia

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    Fort Santiago


    Fort Santiago (Spanish: Fuerte de Santiago; Filipino: Moóg ng Santiago), built in 1593, is a citadel built by Spanish navigator and governor Miguel López de Legazpi for the new established city of Manila in the Philippines. The defense fortress is located in Intramuros, the walled city of Manila.

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    Alcatraz IslandGolden gate bridge Lincoln memorial Grand central terminal Statue of liberty Empire state


    those landmarks that i have written are the famous historical landmarks that are made by americans in america. The second list are landmarks in the philippines. I'm not sure one hundred percent sure though that all this landmarks were established by americans. sorry.

    Aguinaldo Shrinebagumbayan fort santiago intramurosdapitan, zamboanga del norte edsa shrine
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    asan ang picture para masagutan

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    philipines have manila


    beacuse manila is in the philipines

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