Why are there severalcholoprasts in the cells


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    The major greenhouse gases (ghg’s) solely responsible for greenhouse effect are carbon dioxide, ozone, methane and water vapor. although these gases comprise 1% of our atmosphere, they act like a thick warm blanket outside that surrounds this planet and regulate climate control. greenhouse effect is not bad. in fact, it is needed for all of us to survive on planet earth. in short, the greenhouse effect is nothing but a naturally occurring process designed by nature that aids in heating earth’s surface and helps to maintain ecological balance
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    You need the active fault map in a variety of ways like urban planning, looking for a place to live or where to put a business. if you know how to read the said map, you will know which areas to avoid as they are prone to seismic risk caused by earthquakes. this knowledge could save you from a lot of hassles and  it could save the lives of your love ones and other people.
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Why are there severalcholoprasts in the cells...