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Sample of collage titled metabolize nourshing the filipino youth towards well being​


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    i miss you toll jay boy tano onsim pet ka toll man pa enom ka ahh


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    epidermis is the outer protective layer of the plant

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    because it only can be use by the user and it will never reshape,cause it is their very own language

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    Technology has played a major role in every life in modern days. In making their jobs more efficient, technology has helped people. Nowadays, where everything requires the use of it, innovation is also easy to use.

    Many technologies are implemented as years go by to allow people to live and sustain the best quality of life.

    So why are people innovating exactly? Because of the survival and flourishing needs, we need to invent. To live, we need to generate new approaches to the relentless challenges that come from both the physical and social worlds.

    Imagine what would happen if science and technology advances were to make their way into our lives. Not only will they make our job simpler and easier, but they can also produce excellent performance and well-done applications. As it progresses, there may be benefits and advances for a larger group of people and animals that we all hope for since then.

    All of these may not materialize without people's bravery to speak up and share wonderful ideas that can lead to solving the worldwide problems and build science and technology-related inventions.

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Sample of collage titled metabolize nourshing the filipino youth towards well being​...