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Compose a poem, with sound energy and its characteristics as your theme. your poem must consist at least 4 stanza's. you must emphasize the different characteristics of sound in your poem.


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    Erotic Poem


    It is published during the 21st century era specifically in the year 2004. It was discovered because it is one of the poems being included in the project of National Book Development Board (NBDB) “Tulaan sa Tren” that has a purpose to raise awareness in our society in terms of Philippine Literature and promotes poetry in a large mass of people.

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    The Author of the “Rain” was Danton Remoto. He is a Filipino essayist, writer, editor, columnist,

    Usually 21st century literary poems are almost in a free verse form. The length of lines is irregular; it has no rhyme and meter at all neither the rhythm are unidentified iambic pentameter. This poem can also apply that it’s lack of formal verse structure. Speaking of structure, the poem Rain has 3 stanzas and 7 lines per each stanza so we may consider the poem’s structure was septet. The form of this poem is a lyrical Poetry for it conveys by only one speaker and expressing his/her strong feelings and thoughts. Most of the modern poetry is in a lyrical poetry

    Hope it helps :)

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    sana maka help po :)

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    kapag may nakasalubong na pusang itim sa daan huwag nang magbalak pang tumuloy sa patutunguhan upang hindi mapahamak o mamatay.is the set of integers is closed under subtraction?

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    died and alive is a significant event of life

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    please translate to english

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    some of this ay di ko kayang answeran ero some kaya ko

    figurative language niya is hyperbole o kaya simile because kinokompare niya ang african sa chocolate something

    tone naman ay sarcasm

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Compose a poem, with sound energy and its characteristics as your theme. your poem must consist at l...