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How to repair power amplifier in the circuit board?


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    heart, gut, stomach, intestines, uterus, bladder, eyes

    involuntary muscles, also known as “white muscles” or “smooth muscles”, are muscles in the human body whose contraction is controlled by the autonomic nervous system.

    involuntary muscles include all muscles whose activity is independent and not affected by voluntary nerve activity.  

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    The young egg in the ovary begins to mature.estrogen is secreted by the ovary.uterus thickens to prepare for the attachment of fertilized egg.the mature egg is then release by the ovary.
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    A cow without legs is called.. Ground beef
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    An owner of a partnership is any general or limited partner who has direct or indirect (as defined below) ownership of a percentage of the partnership's capital. An interest or share of only profits and/or losses is not ownership of capital. Additionally, wages are not capital.


    Ang ibig sabihin ko ay ang may-ari sa pakikipagtulungan

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How to repair power amplifier in the circuit board?...