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What are the body parts of a dog and it’s uses?


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    helps the animal walk or run or move.

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    alam nyo na po pla thx po sa pagsagot

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    >Dogs are said to be man's best friend. Dogs are brave and fierce in protecting their owners but they can also be sweet and playful whenever they see them.


    >would wiggle their tails and lick their owners when they see them arrive. some dogs also stay beside their owners when they sense loneliness. that is their way of giving comfort to their bestfriend.



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    Sing, Goddess, sing of the rage of Achilles, son of Peleus—

    that murderous anger which condemned Achaeans

    to countless agonies and threw many warrior souls

    deep into Hades, leaving their dead bodies

    carrion food for dogs and birds—

    all in fulfilment of the will of Zeus.


    this are the six lines of " lliad " if you mean by characteristics is an emotion so the answer are " rage and murderous "

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    The biggest body part of a dog is its head

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    the legs


    the legs are the biggest muscle of a dog it can make a canine run about miles away

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    B. Parasitism is the answer
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What are the body parts of a dog and it’s uses?...