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A. testosterone b. hypothalamus gland
c. estrogen d. menarche e. puberty

1. this hormone causes the development of breast and female reproductive organs
2. it is the male hormone that triggers the development of male secondary sexual traits
3. it is the puberty which is initiated by that signals from the brain to the gonads
4. the first menstruation is called
5. it is a stage when the body grows taller and begins to develop the traits of an adults ​


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    1. C. Estrogen

    2. A. Testosterone

    3. B. Hypothalamus Gland

    4. D. Menarche

    5. E. Puberty

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    1.) Estrogens

    2.) Testosterone / Androgens

    3.) Hypothalamus Gland

    4.) Menarche

    5.) Puberty / Adolescent Stage

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    5.hypothalamus gland


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A. testosterone b. hypothalamus glandc. estrogen d. menarche e. puberty1. this hormone causes the de...