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1. give practical ways of coping with hydrometeorological hazards caused by typhoons and floods.

2. cite ways to prevent or mitigate the impact of typhoon and floods in the community.


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    1.It might destroy buildings or make a flood
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    Well, I think the best way of coping with HYDROMETEOROLOGICAL HAZARD is to just be prepared, and here are a few things you can keep in your homes just in case things go really bad.

    1) Flashlight

    2) First aid kit

    3) Extra food

    4) Extra drinking water. You can also store some in covered pails for sanitary reasons.

    5) Fully charge mobile devices with extra batteries if possible. You can call for help and keep yourself occupied with games (if you like) while waiting for help.

    6) A completely filled generator would be nice but considering it’s cost, we know not everyone will have it.

    7) Before the wet season arrives, it would be best to check around the house for potential leaks like an unsecured corrugated metal roof panels. Clean your canals if you find any trash that may clog it during strong rains.  

    8) Keep everything inside like your pets, and anything important that can be blown away during a storm.  

    9) If flooding is a possibility, take everything important upstairs or somewhere close to the roof. These could be important documents and photos.

    10) Have important phone numbers ready, like your relatives, police station and barangay hall just in case.

    So, I’m sure that there are other things that we have missed but I believe this covers the basics of what is needed in order to cope with any hydrometeorological hazard.

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    Develop off shore waterbreak systems and input some tirbines for power production thus adding an energy income.benefit for every monsoon
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    Dont get out from house just go to your bed and sleep or just sing to make your bored gone

    1. Clearly communicate learning competencies and outcomes and summarize and synthesize the previous lesson on the hydrometeorological hazards.

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    First is to, of course, help in the effort of improving the welfare of the environment. second is to keep updated with what is happening to the world, especially in the climate. And third, make up a plan to mitigate the damage caused by Hydrometeorological hazards. 
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    For me- the only way to cope with that disaster is to dont break or kill mother earth.Becouse that disaster is very risk to everyone and the only things that help us is mother earth
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    We can't say the perfect answer but my answer is phenomenon of atmospheric, hydrological or oceanographic nature that may cause loss of life, injury or other health impacts, property damage loss of livelihoods and services, social economics disruption, or environmental damage
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1. give practical ways of coping with hydrometeorological hazards caused by typhoons and floods. 2....