Describe the properties og light


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    Refraction: When the light travels from one medium to another.

    Reflection: Follows the Law of Reflection "the angle of incedence is equal to the angle of reflection"

    2 types of reflection

    Diffuse reflection- reflected rays go in different directions, usually on rough or uneven surfaces

    Regular/Specular reflection- reflected rays go in one direction, image can be seen and usually on shiny and smooth surfaces.

    Dispersion- where the light is separated into its colors due to the differences in degrees of refraction, this is how rainbows are formed

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    Light is electromagnetic radiation that has properties of waves. The electromagnetic spectrum can be divided into several bands based on the wavelength. As we have discussed before, visible light represents a narrow group of wavelengths between about 380 nm and 730 nm.

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    Light is super duper fast that no one can surpass it's distance.
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