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What does the relative human humidity of the air tell us


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    technically, if you want to move it to the left you have to move it to the right and vice versa!

    i hope that helps! : d

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    cabagan isabela


    ffestiniog is jyy8

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    when you look through a simple light microscope or a magnifying glass, you are looking through a biconvex lens (one that’s bent like the back of a spoon on both sides) made of glass. the object being viewed is on the far side of the lens. light from the object passes through the lens and is bent (refracted) towards your eye, so it seems as though it comes from a much bigger object.
    in practice, modern microscopes contain a series of lenses rather than just one. they have an objective lens (which sits close to the object) and an eyepiece lens (which sits closer to your eye). both of these contribute to the magnification of the object. the eyepiece lens usually magnifies 10x, and a typical objective lens magnifies 40x. (microscopes usually come with a set of objective lenses that can be interchanged to vary the magnification.) you can calculate the total magnifying power of the microscope by multiplying the magnifying powers of the objective lens and the eyepiece (so 10 x 40 = total magnification of 400x).
    including more lenses doesn’t change the basic principle of how a microscope magnifies but it does enable higher magnifications and gives a better quality image.

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    answer is second postulate (invariance of c)


    postulate (principle of relativity) laws of physics take the same form in all inertial frames of reference. postulate (invariance of c) measured in any inertial frame of reference, light is always propagated in empty space with a definite velocity c that is independent of the state of motion of the emitting body. or the speed of light in free space has the same value c in all inertial frames of reference.

    the two-postulate basis for special relativity is the one historically used by einstein, and it remains the starting point today.

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What does the relative human humidity of the air tell us...