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How many light waves travel in a medium of it has a wavelength of 6×10⁴m?


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    intentional injuries do not only cause effects to victims physically but also to their well-being in which changes of behavior can be expected. it also extends beyond the victims' families, friends etc.

    it can contribute to poor mental health, loss of productivity, disabilities, high medical costs and decrease in confidence.


    most road traffic injuries, poisoning, falls, fire and burn injuries, and drowning are unintentional. intentional injuries include interpersonal violence (homicide, sexual assault, neglect and abandonment, and other maltreatment), suicide, and collective violence (war).

    how to prevent?

    always walk in well-lit areas and preferably with at least one other person. shadows are a great place for people to hide in. be careful when going around corners or over hills since it's hard to tell what's on the other side.

    if you see someone approaching you that makes you feel uncomfortable, yell at the top of your lungs before they get too close. yelling not only raises the alarm for others to come help you or call for help but may literally scare the potential attacker into thinking you're so out of your mind that it's not worth the trouble.

    carry protection with you that is legal in your state, such as pepper spray or a taser, to defend yourself if the screaming doesn't help you or you're caught off guard. pepper spray is an irritant that will make it very difficult for the attacker to see or breathe, and a taser helps to incapacitate a person by shocking them with electricity.

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    18k gold is 75% gold mixed with 25% of other metals like copper, silver etc. usually, studded jewelry and other diamond jewelry is made in 18k gold.
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How many light waves travel in a medium of it has a wavelength of 6×10⁴m?...