Who hawe such strong immune male or female


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    Explanation: Women not only live longer than men, they also appear to be in more robust health. A new hypothesis offers a reason why: it's in their genes. Women are known to have a lower incidence of cancer — men have a two- to five-fold greater risk of developing the disease.

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    The X chromosome is known to contain a number of genes related to health, Fish said, and adding microRNAs to the mix would suggest that the X chromosome is even more important in terms of health differences between men and women.

    However, the X chromosome is far from the only reason for the strong immune response in females, Fish said. Hormonal differences and a number of other factors probably play a role, she said.

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    The message is sent through motor neurons from the brain and the cns (central nervous system) down to the motor neurons of the peripheral nervous system, which are the nerves that act in a situation
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Who hawe such strong immune male or female...