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If divergence continues for millions of years, what will happen


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    What will be its effect to earth's crust if this event will continue for millions of years? If this event continues for millions of years, the cracks will become wider and the two land masses will be more far away from each other. The creation of new crust between the land masses also widen.

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    It will form a new land mass or a younger seafloor(which is explained in seafloor spreading theory and continental drift theory).


    In plate tectonics theory, a divergent boundary exists between two tectonic plates that seperates from each other. There are two classifications of divergence; Continental to Continental, and Oceanic to Oceanic. In divergence between two continents they produce rifts, that become rift valleys. Geologic features of divergence between two oceanic plates exist as mid-oceanic ridges.

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If divergence continues for millions of years, what will happen...