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Would you rather pick your girlfriend/boyfriend or your friends?


  • Réponse publiée par: JUMAIRAHtheOTAKU


    my friends


    i choose my friends over my lover because

    before i have him/her they are already here.

    they could you always .they are always on your side whatever might happen.

  • Réponse publiée par: camillebalajadia

    To a close friend.


    It actually depends on you to whom you are comfortable to talk with in topics like this. It could one of your family, or a friend. But in my case, I'd go to a friend. A close friend, to be precise, in which I can comfortable ask for help in times like these. I just think these things is too taboo for my family. So I'd go to a friend.

  • Réponse publiée par: Axelamat


    so bago mo itomes sa 20% i change mo muna yung percent sa decimal sa ito yun kapag naging decimal.20

    so ayan pede mo na isolve yung problem

    1750.98× .20 = 350.196

    1750.98+350.196=2 101.176

    and then i round off natin siya so ang magiging sagot ay 2101.00 pesos

  • Réponse publiée par: kuanjunjunkuan

    ang mahal naman,dapat maghati kau nang bayad

  • Réponse publiée par: cleik


    dont think about love

    fall in love with Something else

    spend time with yourself

    spend time with families and friends

  • Réponse publiée par: kenn14


    girl,friend ;(


    in tagalog babaen kaibigan :)

  • Réponse publiée par: abyzwlye


    I don't love you anymore.

    Your dead to me.

  • Réponse publiée par: princessgarcia23


    i don.t have one


    how about you i have only have a c r u sh

  • Réponse publiée par: homersoncanceranguiu


    i would just stare at them ^_^

    i have no problem cause my boyfriend is loyal^_^

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Would you rather pick your girlfriend/boyfriend or your friends?...