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Spoken poetry agham para sa tao para sa patuloy na kaunlaran


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    a pangolin will roll up into a ball-like shape to protect itself

    for example in this case we are taking a pangolin as an animal that can protect itself from danger. a pangolin will roll up into a ball like shape to protect itself as its behaviour besides its has a hard scales as its special characteristics to protect itself. animals have different physical characteristics that protect themselves from their enemies. these include:

    a) a hard shell

    b) thick skin

    c) dry, hard scales

    d) horns

    e) spines

    f) sharp claws

    g) body shape or colour that matches the surroundings

    h) good eyesight and hearing

    tiger have sharp claws to fight-off and injure their enemies

    the bodies of garden snails, clams, crabs and tortoises are covered by a hard shell. the shells help them to protect their enemies. garden snails and tortoises can also pull their head, legs or their whole bodies inside their shell. clams protect themselves by closing up their shells.

    garden snails covered by its hard shell

    porcupines, porcupine fish and starfish have spines on the surface of their body. the spines can injure enemies that go near or attack these animals.

    a) porcupines raise their long, stiff spines as a warning when their enemies go near them.

    b) a porcupine fish can inflate its body by drinking a lot of water. this raises the sharp spines on the fish’s body. the spines help to keep the fish’s enemies away.

    some animals have body shapes or colours that match their surroundings. this makes it easier for these animals to hide from their enemies.

    a) leaf insects have green body parts that look like leaves.

    b) sticks insects have along, thin body that look like a stick or twig. their body colour is also similar to the colour of twigs.

    c) zebras have black and white stripes on their bodies. this makes it more difficult for their enemies to spot them from a distance.

    centipedes, cobras, wasps and scorpions ca defend themselves from their enemies by using their poison.

    a) centipedes and cobras can bite their enemies to weaken or kill them.

    b) wasps and scorpions can sting their enemies to weaken or kill them.

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