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Give 5 examples of technology found in your home and their benefits and risks


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    1. mobile devices

    its benefits is you can communicate to others even they are abroad and its risk is if u over used it you would get some serious illness

    2. tv

    its benefit is you can have a entertainment and its risk is in your bill

    3. earphones

    its benefit is you can have your own music without disturbing by others and its risk is in your ears that will develop sng ear problems

    4. blender

    its benefit is you can have your homemade shakes or smoothie while its risk is you are very disobedient to follow the rules you might injured your hands esp. when your hands are wet

    5. electric stove

    its benefit is you will have an easy cooking experience while its risk is when you don't follow the proper usage of it it might lead to serious destruction in your house

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    android phone/ cellphone

    benefits: you can communicate with others in long distance or far away from youwith the use of internet you can access to social media and be one of other industries when you are homerisk: too much radiation that can cause of poor eye sight. alot of cases have been proven that cellphone is the cause of their eye defects.its dangerous also in kids because some app are bad for them. have you remember tge "momo challenge case"

    laptop/personal computer/printer

    benefits- you can have your work at home with online jobscreate document on your own.makes research faster.risk- too much use of computer lead to some disease.

    sound system

    benefits - you can enjoy your favorite musicrisk - may disrupt your neighborhood.
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    5 Examples of Technology You Can Use Now

    Smart phones. 5 Examples of Technology You Can Use Now. ...

    Automatic lights. Falls are the number one cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries among older adults. ...

    Activity and health monitoring. Technology you can use can take many forms. ...

    Tablet computers. ...

    Automated cabinets.


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    Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

    Michael Smith

    Kary Mullis

    Georges J.F. Köhler

    Francis Fukuyama


    Recombinant DNA


    Genetically modified organism

    Synthetic biology

    Gene editing

    Three-parent baby


    Whole genome sequencing


    Knockout mouse

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    Washing machine



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    chicken legs

    chicken legs

    chicken legs


    chicken legs

    chicken legs

    chicken legs

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    Wind Turbines.

    Hydroelectric Dams.

    Solar Cells.

    Nuclear Reactors.

    Electric Grids.

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    If technology does not exist the human kind will remain strenuous in everything they do. Without technology,only few vehicles will be made and few buildings as well. ... In general, if technology dies not exist, the world will not be as easy and as prosperous as today.

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    Technics is basically the words technique and technology combined. I like to think of technics as the technique of using a particular technology. For example, pyrotechnics is the technique of using fireworks


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    The application of Scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.
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Give 5 examples of technology found in your home and their benefits and risks...