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Alin ang pinakamalaking reptile sa mundo?
a. iguana
b. saltwater crocodile
c. gila monster
d. alligator​


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    B. Saltwater Crocodile

    A male saltwater crocodile can reach lengths of 4.3-5.2m, while the female counterpart can reach from 2.5-5.3 m

    These things are also very heavy, with the males reaching up toa THOUSAND KILOGRAMS, while females don't even compare, only reaching up to averages of 100 kg.

    It is considered the largest living reptile of our current time.

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    these include latitude, elevation, nearby water, ocean currents, topography, vegetation, and prevailing winds. the global climate system and any changes that occur within it also influence local climate.


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    answer po is letter B which is equator. Nasa science module nh g7 po eh.

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Alin ang pinakamalaking reptile sa mundo? a. iguanab. saltwater crocodilec. gila monsterd. alligator...