Is it possible to die because of moving to fast


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    Although you won't die from directly moving fast, the events that might occur because of it will.

    Considering that the situation is something common, you would be typically located in a city full of people, or a place full of structures. By moving too fast, you have a higher chance of hitting trhese structures no matter how big they may be, and although you're not likely to die, a blow to the head might prove to be VERY fatal.

    There's also the chances of accidentally falling into certain places in which it's high enough that the impact cannot be sustained by the human body.

    In conclusion, no. The body is not capable of achieving a speed that can kill them, but the things that may happen if they move around their area to fast might.

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    If you have a weak heart that is. But then for normal people its not possible. Unless if you have already a weka heart and then you're moving too fast nonstop. But then by moving too fast you would get exhausted first.

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Is it possible to die because of moving to fast...