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Metabolize: nourishing the filipino youth towards national well being essay


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    The Filipino youth is our investment for the future of our country. Nourishing the Filipino youth towards national well being includes the physical, mental, social, and emotional aspects of their lives. The involvement of the youth in organizations encourage healthy competitions and opportunitites to better themselves as students and as individuals. Through these activities, the youth will invest more time in discovering and creating things through innovatin, science, and technology.

    This theme of the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs is in celebration of the National Science Club Month. The PSYSC stands firm with its vision and mission to:

    create a fun culture and mindset of learning science, technology, and environmentcreate a lifestyle where innovations through science, technology, and environment are used for the development of the communitiespromote science education to the youth and encourage their involvement promote awareness, understanding, and application of science, technology, and environment

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    You can try to do an essay about patriotism


    Since the theme is more about national well-being, try to incite patriotism by other filipino and connect it on promoting it to the youth.

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Metabolize: nourishing the filipino youth towards national well being essay...

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