Supporting evidences for global warming?


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    there are many supporting evidences to global warming

    Explanation: one of the evidences is the rising level of sea ice, a popular counter argument for global warming is the fact that there is actually more ice in the arctic now despite the fact that arctic ice should be melting. in fact it is, arctic ice was originally fresh water, but now that the ice is melting, the fresh water mixes with sea water and freezes during the winter season. the rising presence of sea ice is proof the the arctic is melting, therefore temperatures are rising.

    another evidence is the bleaching of coral reefs. this happens because the algae that coat many of the corals around the worlds are extremely temperature sensitive. and a sudden rise by 2 degrees Fahrenheit above a maximum threshold is enough to cause these species of algae to die. although some may argue that it is pollution that is causing these corals to become bleached, there are some completely clean ecosystems where corals are bleaching anyways.

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    melting ice from north pole

    the cause the high tide of the sea


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    Scientific evidence is clear that our climate is changing

    direct surface temperature measurements. changes in rainfall and weather patterns. an increase in the frequency of extreme weather events. loss of Arctic sea ice.

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    Evidences of global warming include climate change and melting of polar ice caps.

    In climate change due to global warming, extreme weathers are experienced which means increase in typhoon or hurricane incidents and as well as droughts.

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