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Science for the people enabling technology for sustainable development essay 300 words


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    Science 4 the people

    Technology for the people

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    "The Science for Today is the Technology for Tommorow"

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    A slogan about how science enables technology for sustaining development.

    “Technology, the Scientific Fuel for Sustainable Development”

    This slogan shows how science which enables technology (the enabler being the fuel) takes us to a brighter future, if done correctly. Sustainable development is the goal, which means being able to provide for many while allowing future generations to do just the same. At the state we are in at the moment, it would be foolish to not recognize the importance of science and technology.

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    soon technology will be our major problem

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    We know that due to technological advancement and burning fossil fuels, our mother Earth suffer enough resulting to climate change. Due to globalization, many trees are being cut down for land development.

    In order to have sustainable development, we should somehow be friendly to our development and the source of energy should not be limited. We will use renewable energy to support technological advancement without damaging the environment.

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    bright future


    bright future

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    Science for the people, enabling technologies for sustainable development is this year's science month theme. Such a fitting theme that brings and tries to marry people with the current and available technologies available at hand. This is such a perfect timing to make people understand that people in this era of the human history are so blessed to enjoy the benefits of the technologies, making their work easier and making them more productive.

    Technology is here not to compete with the ability and skills of human, but technology is here to make human development sustainable or lasting.

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    Science provides innovation that fill the gaps of human necessity

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    Technology helps build the future


    Because Technology can be used to discover The unknown like the time Robert Hooke discovered the cell using a microscope. Some of this discoveries make the people living on this Planet more and more Intellegent.

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Science for the people enabling technology for sustainable development essay 300 words...