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Atheory sates that language is a man mimicking of the sounds of the nature?


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    po ang tamang sagot

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    Language learning theories have been the subjects of heated debate for centuries, nay, millennia. ... Regardless, it's all connected.

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    The answer is B. Philosophy of Science
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    Theory of language is a topic from theoretical linguistics and philosophy of language.[1] It has the goal of answering the questions “What is language?”[2][3]; "Why do languages have the properties they have?"[4]; or "What is the origin of language?".

    Even though much of the research in linguistics is descriptive or prescriptive, there exists an underlying assumption that terminological and methodological choices reflect the researcher's opinion of language.[5] Linguists are divided into different schools of thinking, with the nature–nurture debate as the main divide.[6] Some linguistics conferences and journals are focussed on a specific theory of language, while others disseminate a variety of views.[7]

    Like in other human and social sciences, theories in linguistics can be divided into humanistic and sociobiological approaches.[8] Same terms, for example 'rationalism', 'functionalism', 'formalism' and 'constructionism', are used with different meanings in different contexts.[9]

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    you can ask them or you can search it

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    The innateness hypothesis is the hypothesis, presented by Noam Chomsky, that children are born with knowledge of the fundamental principles of grammar. ... The process of first language acquisition is surveyed from the very first weeks of a child's life up until the time that grammar is finalized.
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Atheory sates that language is a man mimicking of the sounds of the nature?...