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If there are valid reasons to fear vaccines, what are they? ​


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    the needle the sharpness

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    answer: the valid reasons are they may give a little failure effect of the vaccine that may cause us people to have sickness

    explanation: some vaccines are dengue vaccine that also been failed to make,some children past away just of oneto two shots of it so this is one valid reason in my guess only

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    1. Religious reasons:

    With only 4 states in the US not offering exemptions for vaccinations for religious beliefs, this poses a key obstacle to those seeking to increase the rates of childhood vaccination. This reasoning is especially difficult to dissuade seeing as they are directly linked to the core religious beliefs and moral world of the parent, as opposed to them being a choice based on ignorance. Usually, hesitancy as a result of religious background is linked to a complete refusal of all vaccines rather than a particular type.

    2. Personal beliefs:

    Another common reason for parents to refuse or delay vaccinating their children is personal reasoning or beliefs. While only a handful of states actually allow vaccine exemptions for this reason, it is a notable one as it provides an opportunity for healthcare workers and practitioners to spread awareness about the urgency and importance of protecting their children through these preventative measures. While it may be difficult for most to grasp, some people believe that there is a benefit in having their children contract certain diseases. Other parents may believe that natural immunity is better/more effective than immunity that is acquired through vaccination- and this may help strengthen the child’s immune system as they grow into adulthood. Other parents believe that the risk of contracting these diseases naturally is negligible, and for this reason the negative side effects of vaccine administration can outweigh the benefits.

    3. Safety concerns:

    Safety concerns could potentially be considered the biggest reason behind parents refusing vaccines. These concerns are largely based on information that these parents have come across in the media or received through word of mouth. Regardless of the source, parents are constantly bombarded with other people’s opinions about vaccinations, and this can be extremely overwhelming for parents to decipher in order for them to reach their own well-informed decision. Many of these reports that plant uncertainty are targeted at vaccine safety. Infamously, 6 years ago, a doctor published a report in The Lancet claiming a link between autism and vaccines (specifically the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella). This study made vague conclusions that were not based on statistically valid data- and so was soon retracted by the Lancet. It is reports of this kind that can cause parents to completely refuse vaccine administration.

    4.Desire for additional education:

    Another reason is that parents generally want more information on vaccinations to drive informed-decision making by being fully aware of both the associated risks and benefits. In a study published in 2005, about 1/3 of parents expressed concern about not having access to sufficient information, and most of them had difficulties talking to or understanding information from their child’s doctor. Many parents want detailed information that is portrayed in a factual, non-biased manner

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If there are valid reasons to fear vaccines, what are they? ​...