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according to dr. winch, how can someone resist the urge of ruminating?


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    Doctor Winch on Ruminating

    In an interview with Doctor Guy Winch on All-About-Psychology website, he was asked about one example of a destructive habit known as rumination. In one of his articles, he explained some tips on how to break this habit that is deemed dangerous to a person's mental health. One is by distraction. In fact, in the aforementioned interview, Dr. Guy Winch instructed to use a 2-minute distraction whenever there is an urge to ruminate.

    What is Rumination?

    Rumination or the act of ruminating is a person's tendency to think about negative or upsetting thoughts or events in a repetitive manner. There are possible reasons why people ruminate. However, doing so can be detrimental to a person's mental health.

    Other Tips to Resist the Urge of Ruminating

    Dr. Winch also enumerated additional suggestions such as:

    being proactive in solving problems that keep on playing in headtalking about the replaying thoughts to a trusted friendmeditating and therapy

    To know more about ruminating, check this link out:

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    What is Rumination?

    - is the act of repetitively thinking about events, thoughts, and experiences that was caused by a negative encounter in one's life.

    Effects of RuminationRumination can be extremely addictive, thus endlessly tapping us into an almost never-ending cycle of bad memories, which will have negative impacts to all aspects of the human body.Due to its effect on the person, rumination increases the likelihood of one getting depression.Rumination increases the risk of alcohol abuse. With the effects of rumination, the person might do their best to resort to alcoholic beverages in order to lessen the effects of the rumination process.Rumination fosters negative thinking in an individual. Thorugh continuous rumination events, the mental thought process of a person might develop into a status wherein their perspective changes in a negative manner.Rumination impairs critical thinking and probelm solving skills. Since our brains encounter an overload of information, focusing on certain activities which require amount of certain brainpower to accomplish (e.g. test, sports, puzzles) will prove to be difficulty for the person possessing the disorder.Rumination increases psychological and physiological stress responses. Due to rumination, the memories might enable the body to trigger a fight-or-flight response, which will make the body stress up, therefore causing stress. Too much of this may prove to be harmful to the individual.How does one combat rumination?

    - According to Dr. Winch, in order to combat rumination, one must use the method called "cold-turkey". Basically, the individual must attempt to combat the rumination cycle by catching it happen, and then doing their best to distract themselves from the thoughts as soon, and as quickly as possible. By doing this, the urge to remember will diminish slowly.


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according to dr. winch, how can someone resist the urge of ruminating?...