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What force is responsible forkeeping the planets in their orbits as they revolve around the sun?


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    It is the gravitational force that is responsible for us to be kept in orbit.

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    1.)147.1 million km

    2.)762.47 million km

    3.)39.5 astronomical units

    4.)The planet Jupiter is 5 times farther from the sun than the earth, and the mass of Jupiter is 300 times the mass of the earth.

    5.)With a radius of 715 miles (1,151 kilometers), Pluto is about 1/6 the width of Earth. If Earth was the size of a nickel, Pluto would be about as big as a popcorn kernel.

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    5. How much father Pluto is from the sun than Jupiter is from the sun?

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    Because the planet Jupiter possessed a powerful gravity that stirred the asteroids. Instead of sticking together, they ended up hitting and destroying one another.

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    In the Solar System, the orbits around the Sun of all planets and most other objects, except many comets, are prograde, i.e. in the same direction as the Sun rotates. Except for Venus and Uranus, planetary rotations are also prograde. Most natural satellites have prograde orbits around their planets. Prograde satellites of Uranus orbit in the direction Uranus rotates, which is retrograde to the Sun. Nearly all regular satellites are tidally locked and thus have prograde rotation. Retrograde satellites are generally small and distant from their planets, except Neptune's satellite Triton, which is large and close. All retrograde satellites are thought to have formed separately before being captured by their planets.


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    the planetary orbits are also confined close to a common plane,which is near the plane of.the planets follow orbits around sun that are nearly cicular and in the same plane.

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    What I know

    1. C.controls spontaneous combustion on Earth

    What I Have Learned

    2. D. Earth

    8.A. Neptune

    10.B. the position of the Earth in its orbit around the sun.


    1.A. The sun

    8.A. Earth takes 24 hours to rotate.

    9.C. High tides


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