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Complete the table below: write the raw materials and end products of photosynthesis


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    Explanation: Women not only live longer than men, they also appear to be in more robust health. A new hypothesis offers a reason why: it's in their genes. Women are known to have a lower incidence of cancer — men have a two- to five-fold greater risk of developing the disease.

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    1. Circulatory System - transports oxygen and nutrients to the body through blood

    2. Nervous System - responsible for control and communication among parts of the body

    3. Digestive System - digestion and absorption

    4. Skeletal System - supports, gives framework, protects internal organs, and facilitates movements

    5. Muscular System - responsible for movement and maintains posture

    6. Reproductive System - for sexual reproduction

    7. Excretory System - produces, stores and eliminates waste material called urine

    8. Endocrine System - produce hormones for metabolism, growth, and development

    9. Lymphatic System - gets rid of toxins and transports white blood cells throughout the body

    10. Immune System - helps to defend the body against viruses and bacteria

    11. Integumentary System - such as skin, hair, and nails serve as a barrier between interior of the body and the outside world

    12. Respiratory System - exchange of gases in the body; taking in oxygen and discharge of carbon dioxide

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Complete the table below: write the raw materials and end products of photosynthesis...