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How is your community likely to change in the next few years?


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    Our community’s well-being concerns us more than we know, it affects our way of sustaining a living; it affects our health; it affects how we function in the society. If our community provides the best efforts to conserve its state for the time being the more the people will have freedom to perform and to act with it. Maintaining our community doesn’t lie only to officials but also to those common citizens.

    Our Current Community:

    There is no traffic/ the roads are well-built Though the sewage system has its flaws There are garbage collectors so the waste doesn’t get piled up

    Our Community in the next few years:

    Most likely to have more establishments Much more accessible through railway systems Can give more attention to basic necessities

    It is also important that we have faith in the progression of our own community. It can somewhat predict that the people involved in it we surely respond to its policies and respect the ones established already. Discipline and respect can be applied to both ways, we respect our neighborhood the same way the community will return its benefits to us.

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    How is your community likely to change in the next few years?

    The question pertains to the creation of a product that will support strategies and programs that aim to conserve and protect a local biodiversity. Furthermore, it is part of the so-called cycle of creation, which include planning, reviewing, and sharing the results to ensure the quality of the project.

    In particular, the aforementioned question is part of the planning process, where other questions should be asked. The questions are as follows:

    How has your community changed since the time you have lived there? What important issue is your community facing with regards to conservation and protection of local biodiversity? Why is the issue considering a problem or challenge in conserving the local biodiversity? What other information will you need to find out about this issue? Where will you find this information? How can you encourage them to participate in this project? What can people do in the community do to help protect and conserve the local biodiversity? What materials do you need for this project?

    There are many ways on how to convince others and encourage them to participate in the project. The most important one is to enable them to relate to the issue. You may discuss how it will affect them in the short term and what could happen in the long term if they would not act. Another one is to respectfully but comprehensively discuss what the project is all about and what is in it for them. You may also try to discuss how the current state of life in a certain area may affect a community in the next few years.

    For example, with the rate of logging and destructive mining in our area, I expect our community to be a dead zone in the next few years. Either landslides or heavy flooding would decimate the population where I live in. Moreover, there is also a risk of soil poisoning and other man-enabled tragedies that could occur in our community.

    What is biodiversity? It refers to any variation or variety of life in a given environment. Know more about it by clicking on this link: The continued existence of biodiversity is important and the moment it lost its balance, is the moment that many species would start dying or even go extinct. Because of these, the government has various agencies that focus on preserving local and large biodiversity, click here to know more: As a student, you may also contribute in the mitigation of biodiversity threats, know more about here:

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