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What are the expectations of basic school science


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    Science instruction plans to create logical proficiency among students that will set them up to be educated and participative natives who can make decisions  what's more, choices with respect to uses of logical learning that may have social, well-being, or ecological effects.  

    The science educational plan perceives the spot of science and innovation in regular human issues. It coordinates science and innovation in the social, monetary,  individual and moral parts of life. The science educational plan advances a solid connection among science and innovation, including indigenous innovation, in this way saving our  nation's social legacy.  

    The science instruction will furnish students with a collection of skills significant in the realm of work and in an information based society. It imagines  the advancement of logically, mechanically, and naturally educated and profitable individuals from society who are basic issue solvers, capable stewards of  nature, inventive and imaginative natives, educated leaders, and viable communicators.

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    Being a HUMSS student, It is surely expected that after a sem or year of taking this strand, we shall have enough confidence in public speaking and be more knowing about the contemporary issues.

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    I expect a happy and effective learning this school year. I'm excited to encounter a fun and supportive environment. The teachers are reliable and when the teacher is enjoying what they’re doing I think it shows in the excitement and learning of their students. I want to enjoy school as much as possible even though there's a pandemic going on.

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    I expect my classmates and I to have unity and coorperation with each other in order to have a successful class and get tasks done like groupworks. And I also expect my teachers to be understanding and respectful towards my classmates so the class will have a good relationship with the teacher.

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    I think it will be a lil hard but fun. Since we are doing it for the first ofc its about adjusment, learn to adjust because there are things that we are not able to do that requires face to face. I hope this school year will go easy on me. I hope to get good grades and scores. School year 2020-2021 please go easy on me! Arigatou!

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    the most common expectation senior high school is you can determined what is your course when you are in college

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What are the expectations of basic school science...