Differentiate the roles of xylem and phloem


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    It helps in the transportation of water and minerals from the soil to other parts of the plant.It uses energy by transpirational pull does not use ATP. Transpiration is the process by which plants lose water by evaporation through the aerial parts of the plant.Conducting channel in Xylem is tracheids and vessels.Xylem provides mechanical support to the plant.Xylem has four elements Xylem Parenchyma ,Xylem vessels, Xylem Tracheids these are the living elements.


    It helps in the transportation of food prepared by the leaves.It can transport in both the direction.Here the conducting channels are sieve tubes. It does not provide mechanical support to plants.It consists of sieve tubes companion cells phloem parenchyma and phloem fiber are dead.

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    1. fundamental or basic research:

    basic research is an investigation on basic principles and reasons for occurrence of a particular event or process or phenomenon. it is also called theoretical research.

    2. applied research:

    in an applied research one solves certain problems employing well known and accepted theories and principles. most of the experimental research, case studies and inter-disciplinary research are essentially applied research.

    3. descriptive research

    the descriptive research is directed toward studying “what” and how many off this “what”. thus, it is directed toward answering questions such as, “what is this? ”.

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    Answer: myclin sheath

    myclin sheath consist of layer of cells containing fat, encases and insulates most axons (speeding up transmission of nerve impulses)

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