Define active volcano and inactive volcano​


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    active volcanoes are volcanos that erupt within a short amount of time. usually around 70 years. while inactive volcanoes are volcanoes that didnt erupt in centuries and arent showing signs of erupting anytime soon

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    active volcano is the one that erupts.

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    tama yan

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    Active volcano can produce lava and magma and it can explode anytime while inactive is cannot.

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    Active volcanoes are those who have record of eruption within the last six hundred years or those that erupted ten thousand years ago based on analysis of their materials.

    While Inactive Volcanoes are those that have not erupted for the last ten thousand years and their forms are being changed by agents of weathering and erosion through formation of deep and long gullies.


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    An active volcano is a volcano that has had at least one eruption during the past 10,000 years. An active volcano might be erupting or dormant.

    An inactive volcano is one that could erupt but has not erupted for more than 10,000 years. Inactive volcanoes are also called dormant or sleeping volcanoes.
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    Active volcano VS. Human

    Active volcano can interrupt anytime and it shocked humans because of lava and rocks from it just like human they are active in supporting you because you can give what they want like a rock of money.

    Inactive volcano VS. Human

    Inactive volcano will not interrupt anytime because there's nothing to blow anymore and in human if you don't have a money or job they were just ignore you 'cause you can't give what they need.
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    An active volcano is a volcano that is going to erupt soon while an inactive or dormant volcano is still active but is expected to erupt in a long time. In other words, it is "sleeping."

    Hope this helped!
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    An erupting volcano is an active volcano that is having an eruption Inactive volcano is also called as dormant or sleeping volcano, these are expected to erupt again at some point, despite being dormant for thousands of years.
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    Mayon volcano at ALBAY active
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