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Can someone make a song about the formation of the earth ppls i need it tommorow


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    First you need a good tone or beat Next you need to start to gather your message or rather your informationThen you wanna just edit everything to make it short but sweet


    The shorter the betterBe original in writing so you can call it your songStop thinking what they will think Go with the flowStart to improvise if things go wrongIf you don't have any ideas or want to give up start thinking ''why am I alive? it's because i am smart I am worth it and deserving"

    Hope this helps

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    im nt gonna mae one but i now this song called love song and thats a love song


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    OK its little bit hard OK let's start just use aesthetically voice

    title :Safety Rules Preservation

    first we need to clean the food

    then put it on the fridge make sure its freezing then avoid it to put in hot place

    here the other example

    Safety Rules Preservation

    Only buy food you will preserve from reputable sources if you aren't growing your own.

    Don't attempt to preserve food that is close to spoiling or shows signs of molding or spoilage.

    Always clean and sanitize your utensils and preservation tools.

    Properly label each package/can with dates.

    hope u like it

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    tula! I think it will be perfect!

    maraming tao ang nangangamba

    na baka sa susunod na pag apak nila sa lupa, sila'y matumba

    natatakot na baka sila'y mawala

    dito sa mundong kinakaharap ang pandemyang mas lumalala

    hindi alam kung saan pupunta

    hindi alam kung anong magagawa

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    Umaalog-alog na naman ang mundo

    Magsikap na panatilihin ang kaligtasan mo


    okay na yan

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    well im bad at making songs

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    Filipino cuisine (Filipino: lutuing Pilipino/pagkaing Pilipino) is composed of the cuisines of more than a hundred distinct ethno-linguistic groups found throughout the Philippine archipelago. However, a majority of mainstream Filipino dishes that compose Filipino cuisine are from the cuisines of the various ethnolinguistic groups and tribes of the archipelago, including the Ilocano, Pangasinan, Kapampangan, Tagalog, Bicolano, Visayan (Cebuano, Hiligaynon and Waray), Chavacano and Maranao ethno-linguistic groups. The style of food making and the food associated with it have evolved over many centuries from their Austronesian origins (shared with Malaysian and Indonesian cuisines) to a mixed cuisine of Indian, Chinese, Spanish and American influences, in line with the major waves of influence that had enriched the cultures of the archipelago, as well as others adapted to indigenous ingredients and the local palate.[1]

    Dishes range from the very simple, like a meal of fried salted fish and rice, to fish curry, chicken curry, complex paellas and cozidos of Iberian origin created for fiestas. Popular dishes include: lechón[2] (whole roasted pig), longganisa (Philippine sausage), tapa (cured beef), torta (omelette), adobo (chicken or pork braised in garlic, vinegar, oil and soy sauce, or cooked until dry), dinuguan (pork blood stew), kaldereta (meat stewed in tomato sauce and liver paste), mechado (larded beef in soy and tomato sauce), pochero (beef and bananas in tomato sauce), afritada (chicken or pork and vegetables simmered in tomato sauce), kare-kare (oxtail and vegetables cooked in peanut sauce), pinakbet (kabocha squash, eggplant, beans, okra, and tomato stew flavored with shrimp paste), crispy pata (deep-fried pig's leg), hamonado (pork sweetened in pineapple sauce), sinigang (meat or seafood in sour broth), pancit (noodles), and lumpia (fresh or fried spring rolls). Various food scholars have noted that Filipino cuisine is multi-faceted and is the most representative in the culinary world for food where "east meets west"


    thank me later

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    Hi there if you have questions on any subjects just message me and don't forget to follow me onto answer that question of yours

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    kapatid wag abusuhin ang pagiging bubu

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    less health disease

    we'll all be

    less health care cost

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Can someone make a song about the formation of the earth ppls i need it tommorow...