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Brainstorm how you will do your investigation. Write your theory in a test form. Describe a test you could perform to find out how quickly coffee dissolves in cold and in hot water. pa \: answer \: po \: po \: need \: ko \: lng \: po \: ngayun


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    i will add cold water to the coffeee powder and add hot water to the another coffee powder and observe the differences between cold and hot cofee .The cofee will imediately disolve in hit water because of its high temperature while the coffee in cold water can take a second before ut disaolve to the cold water .

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    the resurgence of interest in lung cancer screening and the application of new techniques for the management of early cancer have raised various issues regarding this global epidemic. in previous randomised clinical trials, the use of conventional chest radiographs and sputum cytology examinations for screening have been shown not to reduce lung cancer mortality. the use of biomolecular markers, autofluorescence bronchoscopy, low-dose spiral and high-resolution computed tomography, endobronchial ultrasonography, optical coherence tomography, confocal micro-endoscopy, positron emission tomography in combination with video-assisted thoracic surgery and intraluminal bronchoscopic treatments may provide new modalities with which to manage lung cancer at the earliest stage possible. new hopes arise that the combined use of more accurate and minimally invasive diagnostic and treatment techniques may justify screening and reduce mortality. more individuals may also benefit, as many in the target population already suffer from poor cardiovascular and pulmonary health due to their smoking history and are considered at risk for surgical intervention. the cost-effectiveness of lung cancer screening will strongly depend on the proper selection of the target population and the optimal application of these new techniques. despite epidemiological controversy regarding lung cancer screening, the feasibility to define more precisely who are at risk and the use of less invasive techniques may preserve quality of life and improve the survival of many lung cancer patients.^^

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    v=(4/3)=(4/3)(3.14)=(8. of diameter 14 cm and hieght 10.5 cm is melted and recast into 8 sphirical balls

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Brainstorm how you will do your investigation. Write your theory in a test form. Describe a test you...