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On february 19, 1972, the manila bay lighterage corporation (manila bay), a common carrier, entered into a contract with the petitioners whereby the former would load and carry on board its barge mable 10 about 422.18 cubic meters of logs from malampaya sound, palawan to north harbor, manila. the petitioners insured the logs against loss for p100,000.00 with respondent pioneer insurance and surety corporation (pioneer).


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    isolate pure substances

    used to separate solids from liquid.

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    Rocks that are being pulled apart are under tension (also called extension). tension causes rocks to lengthen or break apart. tension is the major type of stress found at divergent plate boundaries. when forces act parallel to each other but in opposite directions, the stress is called shear
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    Ko alam. ( i don't know )

    hindi po ayus yung tanong, nandito lang para sa points. (the question is poorly written, i am just here for the points.)

    nalang kita ng facts ( let me just give you facts. )~unicorn is the national animal of scotland.~the eiffel tower expands during the summer,the eiffel tower grows 6 inches in the summer  due to thermal expansion., ito surface area ng cylinder ( here, surface area of a cylinder )

    surface area of cylinder = 2πrh + 2(πr^2)

    oh ayan profile pic ko ( here is my profile picture too. )

    How did you get the distance which is 1130m​
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    The sun does not run out of oxygen for the simple fact that it does not use oxygen to burn. The burning of the sun is not chemical combustion. It is nuclear fusion. Don't think of the sun as a giant campfire. It is more like a giant hydrogen bomb.


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On february 19, 1972, the manila bay lighterage corporation (manila bay), a common carrier, entered...