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Additional Activities Direction: Try to perform the activity below to give you more ideas on how the organismos interact with one another in order to live. Write your answer on a separate sheet of paper Procedures: 1. Prepare two empty containers of same size with cover (Recycled bottles). 2. Fill each container with water until it is two thirds full. 3. Marl: one container as set up A and the other one is set up B 4. Add each set up of the following things indicated in the table Table 1 SET UP A SET UPB Water Water Snail and small fish Snail and small fish Hydrilla or water cabbage Without plant Sraall pebbles Small pebbles 5. Cover each set up and place it in one area. 6. Observe the two set ups for two to three days. 7. answer the guide questions on a separate sheet of paper. Guide Questions: 01. What happened to the snail and fish in each set up after two or three days? 22. in which set up was the fish still alive after two or three days? Why is this so? 23. What do you think will happen to the snail and fish in each of the set up when eft closed for a longer period of time? Explain your answer. Criteria Score Rubric Scoring for Explanation 3 1 Provides detailed provides clear Provides unclear explanation and explanation but explonation and complete incomplete response incomplete response to the to the question response to the question question nowledge


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    answer: heat power


    electric generator is the material used in generating electricity from its sources (coals, fossil fuels, wind, water and such) inside the generator, there is a coil and a magnet. but first, heat up the coal with the help of fire, and then the steam it produces will go to the turbine and it will make it roll; when the turbine is rolled then it will generate electricity.

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    answer & explanation:

    There are at least two laws that explain the theory of compressed gas. The first one is the Boyle’s Law and the Charles’ Law. In particular, Boyle’s Law explains that when volume V, is kept constant, the pressure P, is directly proportional to the temperature T. Thus as the pressure of the air is increased due to compressing, the temperature also increases. Thus as a result of compressing air, the pressure and temperature increases as the volume decreases.

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    Cause the letter r at the end is called suffix  and when there is a suffix or prefix it is not the base form of a word

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Additional Activities Direction: Try to perform the activity below to give you more ideas on how the...