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Describe which step in the scientific method is being described in the following


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    It is liquid to solid and nickel-iron
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    Ano-anong terminolohiya po ang kailangan nyo? marami po kasi yun.
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    answer & explanation:

    There are at least two laws that explain the theory of compressed gas. The first one is the Boyle’s Law and the Charles’ Law. In particular, Boyle’s Law explains that when volume V, is kept constant, the pressure P, is directly proportional to the temperature T. Thus as the pressure of the air is increased due to compressing, the temperature also increases. Thus as a result of compressing air, the pressure and temperature increases as the volume decreases.

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    The purpose of this activity is to provide a plan to make your/ our current community a better one. First the we must find the flaws or the things your community lacks an example of this is “lack of health care centers”. We research facts about our community, from its previous failed attempts to successful policies established. We then use deductive reasoning and summarize into one whole program.

    Examples of programs for the Community:

    Seminar about waste management Free check-ups  Beautification Program

    What materials should we use?

    We require enough facts We need technology for the presentation (white screen etc.) Responsible Participants Hard copies for distribution

    Links for other relating topics:

    What are the primary health care programs in the community?:

    What program of the Department of Health Promotes community development?:

    List down primary health care program in your community:


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Describe which step in the scientific method is being described in the following statements....