Can anyone give me ideas about time travel


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    Explanation:it is like you're traveling to another time because u want to make your mistake to be right

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    All I know is that a physicist named Scott Eisen Ronald L. Mallett tried to create a demonstration of a time machine that would enable us humans to time travel but of course it didn't work because if it did why is no one proven to be a time traveler. And it's still a demonstration in the first place no one until now has created a real machine where we could automatically time travel.

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    Maybe you should make one about a boy that travels the world to find the different elements like: fire, earth, and etc. He is also finding the elements because if he puts them all in one place a fairy will appear and give him three things. Hope this helps in any sort of way. :D


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    about of your memories

    Examples: Your family , friends,or classmates

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    Stop destroying mother earth. Everyone should discipline themselves to prevent that from happening.
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Can anyone give me ideas about time travel...