What is a male chicken under 10 months old? a. fryer b. hen c. rooster d. stag


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    A male chicken under 10 month old is called as (D) STAG.Poultry

    Chicken, as with all poultry, is classed by the age of the bird. The flavors and meat of the chicken depend on their maturity and ages. The younger chicken has softer meat and best for any cooking method while older chicken has tougher meat which requires longer cooking method.

    Classes of Chicken

    Chicken has different classes according to its maturity and age. Here are some of the classes of chicken in poultry:

    Broiler or Fryer

    This is a young chicken usually 9 to 12 weeks of age. It can be male or female. Its meat is tender with soft, pliable, smooth textured skin.


    This is a chicken usually 5 to 6 months of age.


    It is a surgical desexed male chicken usually under 8 months of age.


    This is the male chicken under 10 months of age. with coarse skin and toughened darkened flesh.

    Hen or Stewing Chicken

    Mature female chicken which is usually more than 10-month old. It is also called as culled layer.


    A mature male chicken with coarse skin, toughened and darkened meat, and hardened breastbone tip.

    Jumbo Broiler

    This is a large chicken about 4 kilograms dressed weight. It is on sale especially during Christmas holiday.

    Aside from chicken there are also other birds used in poultry farming.

    Other Poultry

    Peking Duck

    This is a breed of duck originated from China and is noted for its tenderful meat.

    Duck or Itik

    It is available and popular in most towns of Rizal as fried itik.


    This is a young immature pigeon. It can be male or female and has extra tender meat.

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    Poultry refers to different kinds of birds that are used as food. They are domesticated raised birds for meats or eggs.

    Characteristics of Good Quality Poultry

    The best way to ensure top quality of poultry meat depends on its attributes. These are the appearance, texture, juiciness, flavor and functionality.

    Appearance quality attributes include skin colour, meat colour, cooked meat pinkness. Then, appearance defects such as bruises and haemorrhages.

    When purchasing fresh poultry, look for firm birds with plump flesh, the skin should not look deflated or wrinkled. When shopping for a whole chicken, look for a well-shaped bird with a plump, rounded breast, and more breast than leg. Poultry should have a clean overall appearance, free from blemishes or bruises.Should have a fresh smell with no off odours.Bones should be intact and not broken.In buying of frozen meat, check that the package is well sealed. Chicken is classified primarily according to its age.You can also speak with your butcher about what's freshest.

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