Standard quaility of cooked vegetables


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    Cooking is an art, cook is free to change the ingredients according to it's desired taste. Nutrients coming from the vegetable that we used in cooking is very important because if the cook is knowledgeable on the vegetables that we eat, we can assure that the people who will consume those foods will also become healthy. Healthy cooking is needed for quality life.

    Letter c. chlorophyll.  

    What is cholorophyll:


    It is a fat soluble compound responsible for the green color of plants. when combined with acid, it forms pheophytin which produces an olive green color. When combine with alkali, it forms chlorophyll ins which produces a more intense color. The addition of baking soda when cooking that results to brighten green color, is an example.

    3 color compounds

    1. chlorophyll-

    2. Carotenoids- the yellow, orange to red soluble pigments found in plants

    3. Flavonoids-

    •Anthoxanthin- responsible for yellow pigments.

    •Anthocyanins- responsible for red and blue to violet pigmets (beets) Tube, eggplants

    Function of fat:

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    Ang pagpapahalaga natin sa ating kapwa nakikita sa pagalang sa kanila

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    Ang tema ng nutrition month 2019 ay "Kumain ng Wasto at Maging Aktibo...Push natin 'to!"

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Standard quaility of cooked vegetables...