5. An edible marine fish with silver and bright blue or green coloration. 1 point
6. It has lean, pink flesh and can be prepared using almost any cooking method.
1 point
7. A young, small herring with a fatty, oily flesh with a flaky texture.
1 point
8. A common round fatty fish available both farmed and wild from both fresh and salt waters.
1 point
9. A fish used in fish sticks, pre-breaded portions, drawn and filleted.
1 point
10. A long, silvery-bluefish found in Northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
1 point
11. A commercially available type of fish with a strong flavor and more delicate texture than cod.
1 point
12. Has a flat body structure and swims in a horizontal position.
1 point
13. They are low in fat and a good source of selenium, zinc, iodine and copper.
1 point
14. A shellfish with soft meat without any bones but with a hard outer shell.
1 point
15. A popular flat fish due to its appealing texture, color, and sweet and mild taste.
1 point
16. A fish that has lean, firm flesh that is pearly white with a sweet mild flavor and can be poached.
1 point
17. These are with one shell like periwinkles and whelks.


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    6.Red snapper

    7.Grouper fillets

    8 Bisugo

    9.Alaska Pollock

    10.Boston bluefish or blue cos


    12.flat fish

    13.Brazil nuts.


    hope it's help

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5. An edible marine fish with silver and bright blue or green coloration. 1 point6. It has lean, pi...