What is the status of food service industry in the Philippines? Why is it important to keep up with the latest food service trends?


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    The answer is butterfly. Butterfly, also known as butterflied fillet or double fillet, is a market form in which the two sides of the fish are joined by a portion of the flesh and part of the belly, but the back bone is removed. Hence, it looks like a butterfly when spread.


    How to Butterfly Fillet A Round Fish

    In a simple fillet, both sides of the fish are cut away from the backbone, giving you a boneless fish. In contrast, a butterfly fillet keeps a part of the flesh together, resulting in one fillet instead of two. Here’s a step by step guide on how to do a butterfly fillet:

    After removing the guts, gills, and fins, slit the fish belly up to the tail. Open the fish to reveal the backbone and ribs. Cut the membrane of the bone to free the rib cage. Open the fish widely (but keep the flesh together). Remove the backbone by snipping it right behind the head of the fish and right in front of the tail end. Gently take the backbone out of the fish, careful not to slice through the flesh or up to the top. Remove the ribs next.  

    You now have a butterfly fillet.

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    Classification of Appetizers:

    1.Cocktails – consist of several bite size pieces of fish, shellfish, drinks and fruits served with tangy flavored sauce.


    2. Hors D’ Oeuvreso - are small portions of highly seasoned foods formerly used to precede a meal served either hot or cold.

    3.Canape – a bite sized or two bite sized finger food consisting of three parts: a base, a spread or topping and garnish or garniture.

    4 .Relishes/Crudites – they are pickled item and raw, crisp vegetables such as julienne carrots or celery sticks.

    5. Petite Salad – they are small portions and they are usually display the characteristics found in most salad.

    6.  Soups and Consommes – are include in the appetizer category because they are served in this course more than ever before.


    7.  Chips and Dips – savory dips are popular accompaniments to potato chips, crackers, and raw vegetables.

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    Its important to cleqn your kitchen because it is a spot or space in the house that is mostly used for cooking am handling food for whitche we intake, if you don't clean your kitche possibilities there will be rats and other insects that might go on our foods. You should cleen your kitchen twice a week so it could be the begging of the week and middle or from middle of the week and the end of the week.

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What is the status of food service industry in the Philippines? Why is it important to keep up with...