Identify and list down THREE (3) things you have found out about recycling. TWO (2) recycled articles you can make from paper, and ONE (1) questionyou stil have about the lesson. Write your answers in the boxes/spaces provided


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    the answer is "false" #oed pa mre

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    Total quality management (TQM) has achieved notable success as a philosophy of management in manufacturing industry. This is paper examines the differences between the manufacturing situation and that of service industry in general and the hospitality industry in particular to identify the similarities and differences and highlight the likely difficulties in implementing TQM in the hospitality industry. We conclude that the primary area of difficulty is in identifying appropriate quality measures. Some approaches to overcoming the problems are suggested and a case study of the application of measurement techniques in a hotel is described.

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    Acceptance of science and technology

    Science and technology has immersed through the rise of the Digital Age. Everything has been easy, fast, and convenient since then. Truly, science and technology has helped a lot and has contributed lots of things to this world, yet it has its own disadvantages.

    Why does society readily accepts the benefits of science and technology despite its negative results?

    Science and technology has brought problems and disadvantages, but it does more positive things and it has also proved itself to be something that is useful and reliable.  Despite of having negative impacts and results, people shrug it off because they still benefit a lot from it.

    In fact, the negative effects that science and technology brings can be remedied and fixed through science and technology itself. It fixes its own damage which makes it more innovative and convenient.

    Advantages and disadvantages of science and technology


    Easy, convenient, 24/7Has wide array of informationQuick dissemination Accessible by people Contributes to innovation and improvement


    Can be a channel for committing crimeCan cause addictionCan cause other harmful situationsCan can cyberbullyingHas wide and numerous platform to conduct illegal works

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    Science and technology

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    b.eyes are dull shiny and bulging


    because when the eyes are red this is not fresh

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Identify and list down THREE (3) things you have found out about recycling. TWO (2) recycled article...