Assignment #1
Give at least 5 types of menu and defined each menu


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    Well cooked foods, ensure better energy necessary for better production. ... Eating uncooked food can also result in economical problems as it leads to waste of time and money. There are much other importance of cooking food and before eating any cooked food, check that they are well cooked.

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    Here are most likely how to format them

    <h1>First heading</h1>Largest heading

    <h2>Second heading</h2>

    <h3> Third heading </h3>

    <h4> Fourth heading </h4>

    <h5> Fifth heading </h5>

    <h6>Sixth heading </h6> Smallest heading

    So among this headings are the largest and the smallest

    The answer would be C. <h1>
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    It is important as it gives beauty to your product. Enhancing finished products is a way of putting something to improve benefits and features of the product. A successful product will bring happiness to the buyer. Take extra careful in enhancing or decorating you products because anything that is undesirable in eyes of the customer will leave a negative feedback. Definitely, buyer will not come back anymore for your products.

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    Would you buy an imitation of the latest gadget because it is cheap?

    We all know that there are latest gadgets circulating nowadays. These latest gadgets have nice and updated features that everyone wanted to have one. But these gadgets are costly and not that affordable for everyone. Due to the expensive prices of these gadgets, there are some imitations that have been made. These imitation gadgets are absolutely cheaper compared to the original ones. But are they worth buying for?

    For me, my answer is no. I would not buy the imitation gadgets even they have cheaper prices because of the quality of the product. Even those gadgets may look the same as the original one, their quality is not the same. Imitations may not also meet my expectations about the gadget. And because they are just imitations, we have trust issues about the product. We do not know if they will last long.

    Instead of buying the imitations, I will just choose other gadget that is not much expensive. Besides, there are also latest gadgets that also offer good quality features with affordable prices.

    To read more about gadgets, visit the links.

    Positive and negative effects of gadgets:

    Importance of gadgets:


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Assignment #1Give at least 5 types of menu and defined each menu...