This refers to fixing the potion of trees in an orchard


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    Base on his or her hobby and wants
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    It may be destructive and others may not


    Well nowadays some children's are addicted to computers and cellphones but to others its good because cellphones can be used for your learning,doing business,and many more.Yes technology is more needed but in other ways they are destructive .Examples of that are the Transportation produced by the humans using technology,Yes its good but its also a destruction to our mother Earth.The other buildings that is built by humas also using tekchnology but our farmers now cant find a farming land to grow rices,corns and many more.And other wokers cant work anymore like our farmers.In the old days they use carabao for araros but now they use a machine and technology has something to do with it.

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    the anwser is b because you read the line you get b

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This refers to fixing the potion of trees in an orchard...