Farm activities materials
Quantity of pump and gearhead


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    swot analysis


    swot, acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, is a strategic analysis tool that helps you analyze the internal and external factors that can impact your organization, project or business venture. swot analysis, also known as swot matrix, arranges the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats identified in an easy-to-understand 4-boxes layout.

    vp online features a web-based swot analysis software that allows you to easily and quickly develop a swot analysis model by using visual infoart. you can focus on listing out the information in bullet points. infoart will automatically form a swot matrix based on the information you provided.

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    Automatic Radar Plotting Aid

    there is a ton meaning for that so,keep on asking.P.S. I am just a kid;) good luck

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    Filipinos are food lovers, food in the Philippines has a distinct similarities in foods that can be seen in Asian Countries like China, Malaysia, Singapore and many others. Some Filipino foods has a similarities on the foods of the countries who colonized the country such as United States, Spain, Japan and many others who entered the Philippines and presented the food the people. why cooking skills important read on:

    The Ways on cooking vegetables of the Filipino are as follows:

    1.Boiling and steaming

    •The simplest method of cooking

    •The vegetable is cook with enough water over the fire

    •The liquid is actually thrown away after the food is cooked.

    •Vegetable are drained as soon they are cook and then cool quickly

    under the cold water to prevent overcooking from the residual heat.

    Steaming read on:

    Examples :Boiled Eggplant

    •Boiled Lady's finger

    •Steamed Lady's finger

    •Steamed alugbati

    •Steamed Saluyot

    2.Sauteing and pan-frying-

    •This is used to blanched vegetables

    •Used for complete cooking of raw materials


    Ginisang  sari-saring gulay

    Ginisang Kangkong

    Ginisang Labong

    Ginisang upo

    3. Braising

    •The blanced or raw materials is place in the pan then liquid is added ( Stock, water, wine) to cover vegetables then cook slowly


    Braised kamote tops

    Ginataang labong

    Ginataang Kalabasa

    Ginataang langka

    4. Baking  

    •It used convection heating

    The food is put into an enclosed area where heat is then applied and the movement of heat within the confined space. baking read on:


    Baked patatas

    5. Deep-frying

    •Cooked vegetable using oil or solid fat

    •The vegetable is usually cook in a deep frying pan


    Fried Potato

    Fried Eggplant

    6. Grilling

    •The food is cook over hot charcoal on an open fire. Some people use improvise wire to be use as grilling equipment.


    Grilled tomato

    Grilled onion

    Grilled Eggplant

    7. Stewing

    •In this method different kinds of vegetables are chopped, diced, or cube and added to the pot

    Stewed bamboo shoot

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    yes they are you must plan if you want to make you business grow in future

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