Do you think the debates on the rizal law have some resonance up to the present?


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    Through "TONE", an author or speaker of a literature reveals his/her feelings or attitude.

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    Relational Psychoanalysis

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    1. Flow of Information

    The relevant information must flow continuously from top to bottom and vice versa. The staff at all levels must be kept informed about the organisational objectives and other developments taking place in the organisation. A care should be taken that no one should be misinformed. The information should reach the incumbent in the language he or she can understand better. The use of difficult words should be avoided. The right information should reach the right person, at right time through the right person.

    2. Coordination

    It is through communication the efforts of all the staff working in the organisation can be coordinated for the accomplishment of the organisational goals. The coordination of all personnel’s and their efforts is the essence of management which can be attained through effective communication.

    3. Learning Management Skills

    The communication facilitates flow of information, ideas, beliefs, perception, advice, opinion, orders and instructions etc. both ways which enable the managers and other supervisory staff to learn managerial skills through experience of others. The experience of the sender of the message gets reflected in it which the person at the receiving end can learn by analyzing and understanding it.

    4. Preparing People to Accept Change

    The proper and effective communication is an important tool in the hands of management of any organisation to bring about overall change in the organisational policies, procedures and work style and make the staff to accept and respond positively.

    5. Developing Good Human Relations

    Managers and workers and other staff exchange their ideas, thoughts and perceptions with each other through communication. This helps them to understand each other better. They realize the difficulties faced by their colleagues at the workplace. This leads to promotion of good human relations in the organisation.

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    Characters: Montressor(protagonist) and Fortunato(antagonist)
    Summary: It talks about Montressor's plan on killing Fortunato by luring him on his cellar.He killed him because of the thousands injuries Fortunato had done to him.So he lured him by offering to go with him in his cellar to taste his wine,Amontillado, then when he noticed that Fortunato was already drunk, he chained him up on a vacant wall and piled him up alive.And it was actually mentioned that 50 years had passed, no one knows about what he had done to Fortunato.
    Setting:Underground cellar
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Do you think the debates on the rizal law have some resonance up to the present?...