What is your realization after reading the taximans story?


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    'The Taximan's Story' depicts the problems and observations of a taxi driver, revealed to us as he engages his passenger in conversation. However, we're only shown the taxi driver's part of the exchange and not the passenger's. As the story progresses, he begins to share more and it develops from his personal background ("my father cane me, I was big enough to be married, and still, got caning") to his experiences in driving the taxi ("as taximan, I know them and their habits") and climaxes when he reveals the problem he has with his daughter ("I rush up to this wicked daughter and I catch her by the shoulders and neck and slap her and she scream, but I don't care"). The story ends with him dropping off the passenger at her destination, before saying that he "must go off to Hotel Elroy" where "there [are] plenty [of] young people to pick up". It leaves us at this point where the taxi man ironically is profiting off the youth who are behaving in the way that he has condemned his daughter for.

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    A place in Singapore in a taxi with a teacher who is on there way to a meeting.

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    The taximan

    who is the narrator of the story. He loving yet strict.

    The passenger (Madam)

    who is the taximan telling the story.

    Lay choo

    the daughter of taxi man.

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    to not judge a person by their story

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    When he reveals the problem he has with his daughter.

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    It was about kids these days lying to their parents.
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    Night time is the time that the taximan's story happens.
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What is your realization after reading the taximans story?...